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PreK On My Way
Welcome Guide

The Welcome Guide provides a quick overview of this sampler and its contents. Please use this as your roadmap to reviewing the program sample materials.



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PreK On My Way
Texas Program Guide

The Program Guide takes you through a comprehensive summary of PreK On My Way and introduces the curriculum foundations, research partnerships, learning domains, assessments, classroom resources, and more!




PreK On My Way

This flyer gives an overview of how PreK On My Way was designed specifically for Texas educators and meets 100% of the Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines.


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PreK On My Way
Digital Walkthrough Guide

The Digital Walkthrough Guide provides a deeper dive into features of the online resources available to educators and families which include the Teacher Hub, Little eReaders, and Family Exchange.



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PreK On My Way
Literature Guide

Explore the engaging, authentic literature of PreK On My Way. Experience how it introduces children to new themes and concepts through a rich collection of culturally diverse books in English and Spanish.



PreK On My Way Year at a Glance

PreK On My Way is 100% aligned to the Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines. This year-at-a glance guide is organized as a quick reference tool that maps out how the program is aligned to each standard. A full correlation to the Texas PreKindergarten Guidelines is available online as well.



PreK On My Way Component Placemat

Discover every component that is included with PreK On My Way and PreK On My Way en español for large groups, small groups, independent centers, assessments, and more!