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PreK On My Way Strategy Cards

The Strategy Cards help teachers introduce and revisit comprehension strategies using hand signals to support learning. Teachers will receive a pack of nine large cards that they can display in their classroom for reference.

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PreK On My Way Audio Postcard

The PreK On My Way Song collection includes a diverse collection of songs in English and Spanish that are connected to each theme. Diverse and award-winning artists represent children's classic and contemporary genres in this bilingual song collection!

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PreK On My Way
Stick Puppets

Use Scout the Squirrel, Pablo the Parrot, and Lala the Lizard stick puppets during instruction to introduce the read-aloud, the Big Chart of Big Ideas, and other points of instruction.

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Sample Alphabet Card Pack

Useful for alphabet knowledge and phonological awareness, these colorful cards feature a photo on one side and a letter whose sound is featured in the picture name on the opposite side. 

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PreK On My Way
Number Cards

Teachers can use the Number Cards for a variety of number sense, subitizing, cardinality, counting, and operations activities. Children match quantities in different representations, compare or sequence quantities, add or subtract quantities, and more!

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